Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hard to believe these are the end to my week long pics.....

We had to try it.......

*Paddle Boarding*

Have you??

We found a new way to relax, work out, and 
appreciate being close to the water with out barely getting wet......of course,
if it had been busier on the lake it would have been more difficult to stay up...maybe?

These are all very random photos....and kind of far away but,
you can click on any to make it a little bigger it you want.


 Nicole tended to wander off on her own occasionally.

 Kenzie enjoyed staying closer to shore.
She tried body surfing...
and sitting...
both were a thumbs up!

Later or another day?

Our final summer "Hurrah" is next week....hard to believe we are counting down (sort of) to the start of  another school year.  And so many things have me wondering what this year and next summer will be like.  

Changes people.......I am feeling change is in the air.  

Details only when, if, and necessary to share other wise, we wait and see what God has in his great plan for us!?  


1 comment:

Kim said...

Looks like y'all had lots of fun!!
I wanted to try SUP in Florida but the waves were pretty high every day and after watching several people fail epicly I decided to pass.
I've enjoyed seeing your week at the lake through pictures!!

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