Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Early Birthday MOM and Did he really swallow a tennis ball?

You may or may not remember but last time we were up we took my dad out to eat for his birthday to THE PICKLE FACTORY.  (Why? Because I was in search of a "different" restaurant around Detroit Lakes and since it is a "small town" some diners come and go and others stay f.o.r.e.v.e.r.!)  

My Mom's Birthday is tomorrow!!(She will be 68 but I won't tell anyone!) With so many sisters and cousins still living in town its sometimes hard to get any alone time with grandpa and grandma~so I enjoy taking them out for their birthdays and if we have to drive a little to get to our destination that's ok too b/c that just means more time in the van to hear some of dad's "Oldie but Goodie" stories.  ;-)

My sister told me about a little place called the Cornfield Cafe about 15 minutes from town~perfect. Thinking it would be quaint and sweet ~ having the option of breakfast or lunch ~ we decided to try it. 

My first reaction.....not what I had pictured in my far! It was not in the middle of a corn field but as you can see by the pics someone had fun painting corn stalks around the walls of the restaurant. *~*

 Waiting for our meals.

While waiting if you wanted to buy a grill, do some laundry, or check out the Hardware Store you would have that option since they were all connected.
Small town convenience at its finest here!

Thank goodness what it lacked in some things it made up for in very tasty food!

Back to the cabin for dessert.....and a fuzzy picture...bummer!

 The Birthday Princess!

And what's this??? Did grandpa really swallow a tennis ball?  Does he pretend to tell ALL of his GRAND KIDS that he did?  Do some believe him? (*at first....yes*) Is Owen impressed? (YES!) 
Did Owen ask me to take this photo of grandpa's arm? (yes...) Was grandpa more than thrilled to oblige?  DUH!  

And finally,  has grandpa ever lifted weights??? No....just hard work and manual labor baby!! He just turned 71 in May....he is in great shape and looks if you haven't realized it by now....NO, he did not swallow a tennis ball but it sure looks to some like he did.  *~*

 The craziness never ends when in DL......don't you all just want to be there too??!! HA!  

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Kim said...

Your parents look like so much fun - I can tell the kids love being with their grandparents!!!

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