Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fun photos .....and Yea, what ever .....I've got nothing!

 My boy is in the yellow shorts totally loving life.....
the other three are brothers and his cousins.
They are the reason he went to DL again this weekend with hubby.....
to see the boys he cannot live without .
It's going to be a long winter.

 THIS balloon came across the lake and over the cabin when we were home last.
I guess they were so close they waved and said good morning to hubby...
I stayed in the cabin....once you see one hot air balloon you have seen them all.

 Have you ever tried to take a picture of kids on rides?
Unless, you get one right before it starts (like below) 
they end up all blurry (like above).

These were the best two I could find out of many.

It's a very HOT weekend in MN ~ the State Fair is going on.
We thought about going (because we have missed the last three years I believe) but its just not going to work out this year either.  I am both glad and sad.  Less calories consumed~Yes! 
Who cares...It's the STATE FAIR!  ;-(

Since the girls and I are here alone today we are treating ourselves to Cherry Berry!
If you don't know what that is ...its the ultimate self serve yogurt shop!
(Making up for those lost State Fair calories I guess...ha!)

Have a good one all.....til ???  

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