Friday, August 30, 2013

1st CC race of 2013 is over already .... and only ONE problem!!

(Bad mom moment or more just "in the moment"?)

So picture Coley (above) in the below uniform too.

 These were both taken last year (I think) of Kenzie while in CC.
Same uniforms.  Same braid was worn today. Same dog.
Who needs a new picture right?!

Anyway, the bus left the high school at 6:30 and they arrived by 6:15AM.  With the heat we had been having all week the host school moved the events up an hour so the first race was at 7:30.

Nicole ran the "C" race...2 miles in 15:39..... she was 6th out of the 8 girls who ran for LNHS and their team took 2nd place overall!! Way to go girls!!

Makenzie ran with the Varsity Girls....2 miles in 12:39..... she was 5th out of the top 7 runners for LNHS.  Awesome run! Overall, LNHS took 7th for Varsity Girls out of 15 schools.

 Fun~Fun~Fun!!! I can't believe the first race is actually done.  So excited to watch the development of my girls through running and all the girls on the team....they are simply wonderful!!

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Kim said...

Wow - great job to both of your girls!!!

We have a lot of fun things happening around here......

 Hard to believe this picture was taken last August as we were preparing for her final senior year at North she is just 16 day...