Sunday, July 7, 2013

What I am not loving right now....

I know...I know....two days in a row for a post?? Crazy!  Just thought I had to do a little flip to yesterday's post "What I am LOVING right now".....

Here goes:

These kids....
Just the fact that they are suffering from having to much fun in the sun.

1.  Back of the LEG Sunburn: A sign of having too much fun in the sun, on a tube, in the water, being pulled by a boat.

A little aloe gel and time heals all wounds.  ;-)

2.  Results of my MRI  2 weeks ago:  Yes, I still have inflammation on my bursa thus, the reason I still have aches and pain in my right hip just about every other day and worse when it rains.  Go figure.  But, just as in any great informercial .....WAIT, there's MORE!  I also have a tear in my left inner groin muscle.  

Doc asked if I am experiencing pain there too and Yes, I am but I guessed it was just muscle soreness from maybe over compensating on my left side to relieve my right a bit.  No...its more than sore.  And after I did boot camp Friday morning it is a continual pain.  I am icing as I type....its a lovely spot to ice I tell ya.  

And he was not done yet.........hamstrings appear tight.  Does my butt or back hurt too?  What the heck?!  Am I falling apart?? And yes, my hamstrings felt a bit tight but that comes with exercising and hard work doesn't it?  

Ahhhhh NO!  I need to think about getting another cortisone shot in my hip.  I need to ice, elevate and rest a bit so the tear doesn't worsen.  I need to strengthen.  Back to YOGA I go and I am starting water exercises next week.  No  boot camp for awhile.  No running. (not that I was any way) Time to strengthen and get better once and for all.

3.  This heat and humidity.  (yes, I need to laugh some times too) And my hair + humidity = one. big. exaggerated. mess. of madness!


Have a great Sunday!!!

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Kim said...

OUCH!!! That sunburn looks painful - hopefully a little aloe and they will be good to go.

Sorry about all the issues with your hip. Now you know why you have so much pain but that doesn't really make it better - I hope the yoga helps!!