Saturday, July 6, 2013

Things I love right at this moment.....

My decisions!

I feel 44 is where its at...I have lived, I have loved and I have learned.

I know what makes me happiest and what I can and should do to keep the peace around the family and at work.  Sure.....its not always fun and games.  Sure.....the family still gets upset with me at times b/c of my decisions. Sure.....nothing is perfect (especially ME!) But,  I am becoming the person I want to be more and more each day and I am liking that.  

(for Owen and his buds not me silly!)

Yep, see those smiles.
Those 3 enjoyed every day of camp to the max!! Best $ spent.
Best new camp we have tried. Best way to play and learn ... that is what summer camp is all about!

She is back safe and sound from San Antonio, Texas!

She got home about 10:30 last night.
We chatted until 11:15 and then I had to get to bed....I overslept for my morning class! UGH bummer but oh well I checked out the schedules and found a new class for the morning ~ this one doesn't start until 10AM ~ Perfect! 

 Nicole is still sleeping.  ;-)

She had a blast and said most nights the girls in her room were up until 2AM and they often started their day at 7AM with breakfast and morning sessions.  With a schedule like that I am thinking she may sleep all day.  It was fun to hear about her week.  The independence it gave her, the "college feel" of meeting new kids, going to sessions, eating out, and did I mention being away from ME for a week .....I think she grew up more this week than ever.....

Later today hubs and the other two kiddos come home.


I hear the two kids are ROCK LOBSTERS! ;-(

Not, not good!


Kim said...

So much to love!!! I'm glad that at least one of your kids is already back home and that she had a great time in TX!!!
And I think that the 40s have been pretty great years so far, too!!

hiker mom said...

I love that 1st quote! Glad Nicole made it back safe and sound:)

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