Saturday, July 13, 2013

The rain, rain, rain came down and Momma she did a bailing.....really I did!

It's Saturday morning....not early as in its only 6:04 AM right now...but, early because I went to bed at 10:45PM (late for me~due to work schedule) and I pretty much have been up since 3:22 AM (when cute 10 year old boy came a poking on my shoulder)!!  


He said: "I know you are sleeping mom but I keep hearing this rumble and see flashes of light and well, its making me kind of scared" 

My tired reply:  "Oh, Owen.....Owen....Owen....its nothing go back to bed"

He did!

However, about 15 minutes later he was back with another poke/jab......."Mom, its starting to rain and thunder....Couldn't I just sleep with you?" 

"Yes, get in"  Thinking that had solved all problems and I could now get some sleep.......but NO.  Another 5-10 minutes later I start to feel a feather like sweep of his fingers on my arm....and then, "Mom, I am getting kind of sweaty between you and dad; couldn't you just walk me to the basement and I could sleep down there.?!" 

"Why yes, Owen I could do that." 

Oh, and look its now 4:12 and my alarm is set to go off at 4:55 so I can get the girls up and drop them at their carpool location for their Cross Country volunteer duty by 5:30!!!! Did I go back to bed? I think not.  I was too nervous I would over sleep.  Was I suppose to go to Mpls. and volunteer too? YES I was............but thankfully they had enough adult drivers and kids so YES ~ I did a BAILING!!!

(THINKING I would go back to bed but quickly realizing I am awake ~ I now sit here while the boy is downstairs snoring!!! ) Oh to be a MOM!!

Other happenings this week:

Nicole had a week of ZOO TEEN 
so Kenzie, Owen and I went and walked around the zoo one afternoon......

Kenzie met a lazy something...

 and another sleepy something....

 Owen had two baseball games.
One was super hot and photos
since I had to hold an umbrella for shade the entire time.

These pics are from the second game....the top photo shows he made it to 2nd base once.
The bottom proves he was on 3rd for a bit. Yep, exciting stuff here!

And no umbrella for tonight's game.  Instead after about an hour in I pulled out the blanket to cover up with and stay which some other mom's followed my lead.  ;-)

Crazy temperatures here in MN I tell ya!

Happy Saturday Campers to all.......

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Kim said...

Oh - you are so much nicer than me with that whole middle of the night thing!! I hope you get a nap today!!!
And, that is crazy that at 2 ball games in one week you went from extreme heat to needing a blanket!

We have a lot of fun things happening around here......

 Hard to believe this picture was taken last August as we were preparing for her final senior year at North she is just 16 day...