Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 She has been trying out new do's...........this was definitely not one I would recommend!  ha!

 THIS dog LOVES me......any really any one who sits in this chair.  He hops up immediately and looks at you like, "Why are you here? Please move....ha!"
3 more games of baseball for this boy! We leave in about 10 minutes for #3 and then there are only 2!  Dare I say .....WooHoo!  ha!  ;-)

This was taken in Bismarck about 5 years ago now???? My sister and her family went out to Medora and Mt. Rushmore for a little vacay and it reminded me our our trip to that destination too.  Awwww...memories!

What is better than the memories of great trips?  Planning more great trips of course...which is what I did this morning!! We are locked and confirmed to Disney in January 2014 as of today!! Let the countdown begin.  ;-)

1 comment:

Kim said...

Oh that hair is amazing!!!
I would be thrilled to be wrapping up baseball!
And - WooHoo to the booked trip - only a few more months!!

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