Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pretty sure Day 3 involved a lot of this......

When the sun was out it was HOT.....when it went behind one of these was NOT! 

  A happy SUNNY time!

 Coley on the boat with us while the other two were tubing.

 Just another "Ho Hum Day" in the life for these two......I think they are meant to live in the country.

 Coley and hubby jumping in the deep waters together...
(check out the burn on her back....ouch!)

 Dock greeters....
and Rudy too!
So Still!

and so FUN!

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Kim said...

Looks fun! I love Pontoon boats! We started with a ski boat and really never used it enough. We sold it and bought a Pontoon - love it!! Sometimes we just cruise around in the evenings with a drink and some music. Some nights we do a "dinner" cruise (usually Taco Bell). I just like the floating around - no need for speed!!

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