Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Latest call from the kids.....

So hubby was in Detroit Lakes with the kiddos for one night.  He went up Sunday morning to cut the grass and tidy up but had to come back Monday night to finish up work, reports and meetings before the 4th of July holiday.  

He will be heading back on the 4th for a couple of nights and to pick up the kids who are still there spending a few nights with cousins and or grandma and grandpa.

These were two of the pictures hubby sent from his quick trip.

The kids in the paddle boat.

The slow ride behind the pontoon.
(not sure why they appear to be praying?  ha!)

Just now I spoke with Kenzie over the phone.  She was sharing what they did with the cousins after dad left yesterday.  They went to a 2nd grade baseball game, enjoyed a treat at the Yogurt Place, and she went for a run this morning....I think it was a 5 miler by the route she told me she ran...way to go girl!  But the HIGHLIGHT.... yesterday.....was when her cousin came running into the house and said, "Bootsie caught some mouse like thing and now she and the dogs are fighting over it!" Then he continued with, "The back kind of has a bite out of it but its still alive and moving!"

I guess all the kids ran outside to check it out.  Wouldn't you?  ;-)

Kenzie reports it wasn't a mouse.....it was a baby possum or some other wild creature! UGH Now my skin started to crawl b/c I immediately thought of rabies and one of them getting bit. 

Good thing Uncle Dana was around!!! Kenzie went on to say that Dana came out with a shovel in hand, shooed the animals away....(as the cat *Bootsie* was quite upset with the dogs trying to take her prize catch).....and STABBED THE ANIMAL IN HALF!  I think I am going to puke a little!  My stomach is churning....can't you just picture that?!  Well, I can!

The entertainment was over for only a bit though.

The critter was dead.  Dana shoveled it up and through it out in the field somewhere.  Some time later another cousin started yelling......because one of the dogs had found HALF of the critter, where ever it had been tossed, and had it in its mouth playing with it like a toy!  

Are you grossed out yet?  

There you have it.....my kids got a taste of small town life in a heart beat....you just can't make stuff like that up in the cities.  

I have a feeling out of all the stuff the kids will do this week THAT will be the story most talked about and remembered! *I am just glad no one got bit!*

Have a GREAT Tuesday........and by the way Nicole is LOVING Texas and the Youth Gathering she is attending.  She shared she wants to go to college there......by the cowboys! ha!  ;-) 

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Kim said...

I love those stories (I was a Biology major!!!) - not even remotely grossed out - I would have been first in line to check out the sights!!
Sounds like kids are having a blast!!

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