Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Just the first 2 days.....

We arrived Saturday morning....did the usual to get the cabin ready for the week...which includes but not limited to: mowing, dusting, making beds, unpacking, sweeping up cobwebs, and the list for the grocery store along with the run to the grocery store...aka Walmart!

Saturday night hubs went off golfing and the rest of the family gathered at my sister's house for pizza and conversation.....and ice cream sundae's for dessert....never short on food when around my family!

The next day we were off to the parade!

 A quick pic before the chaos began!

 The sun was out and it felt great...but an umbrella was nice to shade us now and then too.
(So much water was squirted at the people next to us that this parade was actually a little work out....up and down ~ up and down.....as we dodged the water hoses and squirt guns!)

After the parade was the water ski show....the American flag salute was the kick off....

And as the kids and I went to bed hubby stayed up to catch this awesome site!!


The next day was a little cool so we decided to do some "touristing"
Rudy was exhausted early so he stayed home!

First stop PERHAM!
(and yes.....we made the kids take a lot of silly pictures!)
Perham really loves their turtles!

Next stop....Ottertail!
Unfortunately we found out Ottertail is very small and many shops are closed on Mondays??!! 
What's up with that?  It's SUMMER and people are out to shop EVERY DAY aren't they?

 That's ok...we found these folks to take a picture with.

And we went inside some old mill which is now a bar/bistro/boutique.....and yes,
it worked as another photo opt.  

 Certain daughters were more into it than others....

No bands today.....just Team Orange doing a little Improv!

And by now we are getting a little hungry.......

ZORBAZ here we come!

Macho Nachoz did not disappoint this family  dispite the look on a 
little dude's face!


I really have no idea who these children belong to.....

With full tummies and a 90 minute drive home we were ready for nothing but a little tubing
action once back to the cabin....

Well, some of us were any way......

Is this what they mean by the "dog days of summer?"

More pictures to come another day....


Kim said...

Love all of your pictures and the story of the first 2 days!! That first day sounds like a lot of work actually!!! I really like the picture of you and one of your daughter's.
Your kid's are funny!
And, now I wish I had a ginormous plate of nachos to snack on while we are driving!!

hiker mom said...

So glad you are all having so much fun!!

well daughter #2 is done!

Yup, she graduated, we had a party, we've gone to parties and now we're enjoying summer vacation!  Of course, it wouldn'...