Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hmmm...to make your kid wear a bike helmet or not??? Maybe this will change your mind.

Racing For Kersten...

kerstenED. We just received this letter from our good friend Bill Benning and felt that it deserved to bypass the Content Queue and be posted immediately.
July 15, 2013
This past Saturday I competed in the Lifetime Triathlon. Although the event isn’t new for me, the weather made for an interesting race!
This is my 11th year of triathlon, but going into this race I had a purpose. I was racing for my Daughter, Kersten. (Photo)
Kersten is my oldest Daughter (15) and she was struck by a car while riding her bicycle on Thursday evening. She was riding to the Lakeville Lifetime club to swim with her sister after dinner. Thinking that they had a break in traffic, they crossed a busy 4–lane street outside of the crosswalk. My younger...
Daughter (13) was behind her and witnessed a Toyota Prius that was traveling at 45MPH T-bone her sister…. Fortunately, my wife and I were at home when my younger daughter called us in panic.helmet

They were about a mile from the house and I think we made it to the scene in about 30 seconds flat, my HR was probably 250 or so…. The accident was near both the Police and Fire stations, so when we arrived there were probably 15 emergency vehicles already on site and they had traffic stopped and were with my daughter.
Kersten was struck by the Prius, hit the windshield and smashed it, flew at least 25 feet onto the curb (her bike went another 25), and was knocked unconscious. She had to be airlifted to Regions hospital in St Paul because of the head trauma, my wife went with her in the copter.
I was told by both the police and EMT’s at the scene that the helmet saved her and they thanked me for making my kids wear their helmets.
By some miracle, Kersten was RELEASED from the hospital on Friday! No broken bones, no internal injuries, CT scan was clear. She survived this with major road rash, bruises and minor brain trauma. Both the trauma staff and the Doctors at Gillette reiterated the fact that she would not be here if she would not have been wearing a helmet. She is at home resting, healing and enjoying some well earned pampering!
The point that I wanted to get across if you haven’t picked up on that yet- I think most of us athletes are smart enough to realize that a helmet is a must, but please do not let your children even have an option. Or share this story with the parent of that neighbor kid that doesn’t wear a helmet.
I placed 3rd in my division at the race on Saturday. I’ve never placed here before and had gotten about 3 hours of sleep since Thursday- but I had a purpose this time…..
Bill Benning

Bill is a friend and employee of the Y.  

Lately I know I have been lazy and letting my kiddos go off on a bike ride with out the helmet....no more!  I will be watching as they bike off to be sure they are sporting the head gear.  I don't want to say, "If only I had reminded them" when its too late.  

Take Care All.....

In a matter of hours I am off to my hair appointment....ahhhh, 2 hours of being pampered.....love that!!! 


hiker mom said...

Helmets are a definite must in our household. Thanks for sharing this story:) thank goodness she survived! Enjoy your pampering;)

Kim said...

Wow - glad she had on a helmet. I'm bad about insisting on helmets if the boys are just tooling around the driveway and cul-de-sac but if they go for a true bike ride I always make them wear one!!

Enjoy the hair time - one of my favorite things to do!!!

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