Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Five!

1.  Yesterday's quote on my desk calendar:  
Collect only "life-lifters" and discard all the "life sinkers".
(Or you may want to insert "life STINKERS")

2.  I had an appointment for my van to get an oil change today at the local Honda Dealership.  (lately I quit going there b/c I found another shop I like better but I had a coupon so I went with the discount).  A few days ago I called to make the appointment and they said there was a recall on the side air bag....."Whew, maybe it was meant to be that I called"  or so I was thinking......

 this....(he really did read a bit)
this....(even did some math problems)
and some of  this....
the service advisor came out and told me the van was almost done however, the "front motor mounts" are leaking and broken and need repair.  They didn't have the part but could get it in one day.  The damage? ? ? Only $869 (and we are driving up north tomorrow.. so Hmmm? what to do?)

I didn't trust those guys so I made a quick call to my "NEW" shop I do trust.....and WaaLaa....they could get me in (my van that is...hee hee) and check it out for me!

30 minutes later.....MY SERVICE guy came out and said.....
The left motor mount is broken but the right is not and just missing a screw.  To replace a missing screw and the left side he quoted me.....$224.  

It pays to look around!

3.  On our way home we saw a sign that said 

Can NOT stop and buy something for that cause.....$7 later I had me an awesome monster cookie, a couple of pieces of zucchini bread, and a baggy of puppy chow for a specific daughter who LOVES that stuff.

This guy!

One bottle of water to cool off a sweaty ball player.....$1
One bag of seeds...$1.99
The thrill to almost be done with the season....PRICELESS!

5. and finally....
I leave you with a week to ponder.......Today's quote off my desk calendar:

If you look hard enough, you can see the positive and even humorous side of anything.

Have a great weekend and amazing.....transform yourself or some one else.  ;-)


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Kim said...

I love #1 but I read it as stinkers even before I saw your note underneath!!

And, I'm so happy that you said WaaLaa today. I tried to use that word today and my husband said no it's Voila (not nearly as emphatic sounding!).

Have a great trip!

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