Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Copied from another blog....oh yes, I did.....

I read blogs...this is what I do.  I don't watch TV (except maybe 20 minutes before bed).  I don't smoke.  I don't shop (like many do any ways) and although I do have an occasional treat or drink I do not over indulge (again compared to some but who is comparing me but me ;-(   However,  I will admit that I do LOVE my ICE CREAM and READING BLOGS.  
On the off chance I get to do both at the same time....well, that's simply must be heaven.  ;-)

Recently I read http://mizfitonline.com actually a post from her.  She was talking about a recent FitBloggin Conference she had attended and thus, the comparison of Introverts and Extroverts.  So which are you?
**My view*** Introvert to the MAX!
***Other's view~at least at first ~of me***Extrovert for sure!
Then, after reading MizFit's description I have decided I am a mix of both.......Here's why:
I concede Im a mix of introvert & extrovert, yet I identify far more with intro-camp residents.
Here’s why:
  • I need alone time to re-charge.  Even at conferences.  And *quiet.*  I roomed alone at Fitbloggin & never once turned on music or television.  Ive been known to talk of proposing marriage to my iPad’s Kindle app for all the evenings and “quickies” of re-charging bliss he’s given me.

  • Im an observer.  If possible I like to ‘read a room’ or group before joining in conversation.  Whos talking a lot? Whos hanging back & listening? Who looks uncomfortable? Bored? As if she’s about to dash for the door (perhaps to meet up with her OWN Kindle app. lovah)?  I’ll never be the one who enters a party/event and *immediately* tries to seize center stage.  Ever.

  • Im drained after events/parties even if I adored them. So much so I only *recently* discovered not all people feel this way.  Id always surmised everyone had a great time, laughed, talked, ENJOYED, and walked to her car thinking: that was fun and D*MN IM WIPED OUT.   Who knew it’s only us introverts?
What do you think?

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hiker mom said...

I am definitely an introvert but can be social when needed. I love my alone time and am exhausted after parties. I was at Fitbloggin too and loved being in my room. Although I did room with my sis in law, I would have had a hard time rooming with anyone else;)

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