Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's Up Wednesday?!

DO YOU KNOW WHAT TODAY IS?????  It's the LAST Wednesday of the month of JUNE!



I know....I was as shocked as you.  Where has this month gone? Well, let me fill you in a bit....

Hubby:  Between work, meetings and his part time gig at the Golf Course cutting lawn and raking dirt on the weekends he has been trying to fix our little pit of a backyard.  No more above ground pool for this family so that left our yard with a sandy circle (or muddy mess since we have rain every other day now).  He has dug a bonfire pit, circled it with pavers, and seeded around it....some grass has grown but, its still a work in progress.

Nicole:  Joined Kenzie this summer by signing up for the "Run Club".  They meet officially 3 mornings a week for 2 hours a day to run, work on core, and stretch.  They also meet two other times where they have practices lead by the CC captains.  She seems to be enjoying it and the accountability to it.  She completed her first week of being a ZOO TEEN last week too!! (Always fun hearing those stories such as the child who always wants to hold her hand, or the one who constantly complains that it is "sooooo hot", and the other who takes FOREVER in the the point the class left Nicole with her to wait and headed back to the classroom alone) ha!  Never a dull moment at the zoo....literally it is a zoo out there!

This is it.  This Sunday she leaves for TEXAS!  It's The National Youth Gathering in San Antonio.  I was there once about 23 years ago.  I so wanted to go back and be a chaperone for the group but she wanted no part of that.  So she is off with 31 other kids and 4 OTHER parents while I am stuck here.  She will have an amazingly blessed time and I will be praying for her safety the entire time.  *That's what a parent does right.  Signs the child up for these trips, pays for the trip, and worries the whole time they are on the trip* 

Makenzie:  RUN CLUB alum now.  ;-)  Running and not hurt at the moment so "thumbs up right there!"  She has been bonding with her mom more...ha!  For some reason she says we have a "LOVE/hate relationship?"  Thanks goodness she says it while laughing....and then adds.....sometimes my blood just boils when you speak .....and again she laughs and then by the time I am done chasing her and hugging  her to death she loves me again.  *We have a special bond like that*  Special huh?! And finally she has been hanging out with friends...just another typical soon to be 8th grader I am thinking.

Owen:  Last week he had Day Camp at our church.  For a small fee our church hosts 4 camp counselors from a Lutheran camp located about 40 miles south of here.  Their ages range from 19-24? They come from all over the U.S. and their energy level amazes me to the heavens and back! (If you want to feel old try to keep up with a 20 year old singing, jumping and moving while engaging 40 youth grades 2-6) No thank you .... I will keep my part time Y job.  ;-)
               This week he and two of his buds are attending the Lego: Movie Making Class at a middle school in Savage.  It runs all day and includes a free lunch.  The best part?  He LOVES it....and the worse part? He wants his own ipad and movie app to make more and more movies.  Oh, great....I am thinking he can start his Christmas wish list right now (and that will be the idea we give grandma and grandpa;-) 
                 And we are getting to the end of baseball.  Its been an up and down year.  Parts very fun and others very trying.  (Games = FUN.  Fellow teammates manners and attitudes during the game=TRYING!) Next year we are thinking its time to hang up the cleats and go out for track in the spring and take some golf lessons during the summer.....I mentioned this to him earlier and he agreed.  ;-)

 ME:  (Running/driving around like a chicken with my head cut off...YUK, what a thought and even worse visual!)  

I have been working a TON people!  I may even get 40 hours THIS WEEK!  UGH! My body does not know what is happening.  I am tired.  I am happy.  I am going so much I don't know if I am coming or going.  I am tired.  (and the girls are still out at a CC bonfire so I sit here typing away rather than snoozing up in my bed) 

I finally had an MRI on my HIP today.  I will have to wait a couple of days for the results because my doctor needs to read them and get back to me.  It's been a year since my first injury and cortisone shot....its mucho times better but I still get tweeks, aches, pain in it now and then.  (I know sheesh! Get better already!) Hopefully, the MRI can tell me what if any thing is going on in there and which direction to go from here.

I am loving Leinekeugel's (yea, that's just a hard name to spell) Summer Shandy right now! I really love Avocados in everything right now.  And I think all my kiddos will be gone next week either in DL with cousins or the oldest in Texas.  One may think I planned that??? just came together today  on a fluke.  I work a lot next week so its good that the kids won't be watching TV at home and instead they will be hanging with horses, almost dead farm cats, 3 very hairy dogs and a few cousins with energy like those kids at the zoo camp! (I may have to have a Summer Shandy one day and raise my beer to my sis for agreeing to the week)

It's almost 10:30!! UGH...girls where are you??? Better be done before I will have to call this post something else....because it will no longer be Wednesday!!  I am off! 

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Kim said...

What a fun way to share all the happenings of the family. Lots going on for sure!!
My oldest son would love the Lego: Movie Making Class!!
YIKES - you are working a lot for a "part-time" job!!!
Enjoy your empty house next week!!

We have a lot of fun things happening around here......

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