Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Kick off DL style

We started out right after school...and right during rush hour.  (Should have taken a picture but you all know what I am talking about.  Stop and go, stop and go for about an extra hour than what it normally takes us....and believe it or not it wasn't horrible...I think we were all a little excited to get out of the cities for a long weekend!)

***WAIT*** Back up to the above pictures!!!! What was the first thing we did? ~ the next day?~ after unloading the van, dusting, cleaning, making beds, getting the dog situated, mowing in the dark, buying some groceries and eventually going to bed????******* CELEBRATE the BIG GUYS 48th Birthday of course!!****

A picture with Nicole and Owen above and a picture of  Kenzie (Rudy), Grandpa and Owen again below......
 After presents we were off to 
Long Bridge for lunch!

 Hubs was off to play some golf and the kids and I went to visit Great Grandma Muggy!  No pictures during that visit....she rarely changes out of her nightgown theses days .....she is 95 after all...and she would not appreciate a photo like that ...just guessing!  ;-)

Saturday was busy water fun!
(don't let the photo fool you)
It was about 69 degrees with partly sunny skies .... I never got in but they all
compared swimming THAT day to a Polar Plunge in February...true Minnesotans!

 The cabin.....view from the dock.

 Uncle Dana and my sistah Julie....always our sidekicks while visiting up north...
not too forget to mention their 3 boys who get along amazingly well with our 3 kiddos...

 hubby trying to get the motor to start on the "older than dirt" fishing boat.

 In case you wondered where we were.....
Kenzie will model her sweatshirt for ya!

Are they still in that frozen water???? 
I think they are all dumb numb by now anyway.


 we celebrated an early Father's Day lunch with MY DAD on Sunday!

(Flashback to the good ol' days with the orange bottled pop.)

And a car ride to the 
"Pickle Factory" 
for lunch.
Mmmmm, Mmmm Good!
 (Nice eyes Kenz)

We just can't escape from these 3 extra boys!!!
The cousins are pretty much inseparable while we visit....
crazy closeness batman.

 Well, yes we are at yet another bar/grill for dinner!
Lakeside this time.
While some ate here others went next door for self serve Yogurt...
(in case you were wondering the picture of the 6 cousins was taken outside the Yogurt place)
Hmmm....so what adult went with the kids for Yogurt?
You figure it out K.

(Hmmm...it's starting to make sense why the scale went up about 5 pounds after this trip
Darn you Leiny Summer Shandy, Smores by the campfire, and onion rings at the bar!)

Finally, we must go home!

Exhausted ~ Sun Burned ~ 
and ready for whatever summer brings our way!


Kim said...

What a fun way to kick off the summer!!! Love all the pictures. Very awesome that you can hang out like that with extended family.
And, I love the picture of the car ride home - priceless!!!

hiker mom said...

Okay you are having way too much fun! Love it:)

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