Saturday, June 22, 2013

I think we have a touch of the Sillies!

OH Man...I am pretty positive we had a touch of the sillies that night (or for mom it was a touch of "2 skinny margaritas") HA!   This night was so fun in so many ways.

1.  It was the pre-Father's Day Supper out to Applebee's!  Way to rock Dad! HUBS! POPS! ;-)
2.  I love my iPhone 5 that I got back around makes taking instant SILLY photos so much fun....and some of them actually turn out.  
3.  The skinny margarita was really good.  Just the right amount of sweetness~liquor~and salt around the rim...Mmmmm!
4.  I ordered the salmon in some dill sauce and veggies.  I think it was the BEST meal on our table for sure! 
and finally....
I am 
kind of
5.  We had gift cards to Applebee's which a friend had given me for watching her son through out the school year.  (It was a surprise to receive them since her son and Owen are buds and enjoyed knowing they would have a set play date every week) But, HEY~ who am I not to accept?  It was appreciated and out to eat we went.   Just knowing the majority of the bill was paid for is a happy thing.  ;-)

(Almost was also a family outing with just US! We haven't done that in a while and for everyone to laugh, not argue, or complain and simply smile and have fun was PRICELESS!)

Have a Great Weekend everyone!  


Kim said...

Love all those pictures!!! Looks like the perfect evening with the family and everyone happy and having fun - priceless memories!!!

hiker mom said...

SO fun! I love having times like that when everyone just enjoys eachother:)

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