Friday, June 14, 2013

Flashback Friday (it's Friday already?)

Yesterday I had a random moment and decided to look through a file on the computer titled "Saved Emails".  There were many old inspirational emails and some with pictures from outings with friends but one I had received had photos which Uncle Dana sent me years ago.  (Maybe @ 7 years ago?  Not sure ...just guessing based on the look of the kiddos)

These are the same 6 cousins I just took a picture of last weekend
 out side the Yogurt Place~
 and in my last glad they grew up!  HA!

 Nicole, Makenzie and Dawson....
holding the neighbors "family" duck!
Can't say I have ever seen someone hold a duck before this photo!!!

So cute!
(love how the duck actually appears to be snuggling in)

It's Friday!!! Where did this week go???  I work (all weekend ~ making up for the weekend away), Owen has a mid-season baseball tournament, its hubby's weekend to mow at the golf course and its Father's Day on Sunday....I think I better get going!    Have a Great One!!

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Kim said...

Kathy, I can't believe how fast these weeks of summer are going either.
Cute pictures!!

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