Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Whatcha Doin?

Randomness 101:

1.  I have been working more shifts at the Y.  YEA!!! My mind, soul, and spirit actually seem to be in a better place right now.  My body???? Well, that will be a work in progress F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  (and when you put periods after each letter in a word you know that it really means something B.I.G.)

2.  The kids barely noticed that I have been M.I.A....gone....absent....working more....in fact, they are getting along just fine with out me?  
They don't NEED ME as much as I THOUGHT they needed me?

3.  Hubs and I took an hour walk Sunday night and last night he actually played 7 holes after supper at the local golf course while I walked along and whacked a few here and there and every where.  Is this what empty nest is all about?  Is this what they mean by having "more time on your hands" when your kids get older?  Hmmm....Sign me up!   ;-)

4.  My neighbor took a picture of the sunset the other day and our house happened to be in the photo too....here is what it looked like in case you were wondering.

5.  If we survive the month of MAY we can survive anything.  2 girls in track = many meets.  1 boy in baseball = many busy nights. Hubby busier than a bee making honey at work = no honey at  home.  Mom picking up more shifts at the Y = a happier but little stressed out mom........and sometimes I just cannot do it all.  (I am sure you thought I could right?  HA!)  Now, you may know why we took a walk and escaped to the golf course.....any moment of calm is good and is necessary....since the moments will be few in the next couple of weeks!

This has got to be ONE of the FIRST times I can actually say:
Being busy feels great!

and thank goodness for calendars!!!



hiker mom said...

That sunset shot is great! Glad you are loving work:)

Kim said...

Gorgeous sunset shot!
I have to say - as much as I love my boys, I have loved each stage as they have gotten older! Life is so great now that we never need a sitter, I can go to the grocery store alone (or make them go and help me like I did yesterday!).
Enjoy your busy month!!

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