Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Turtles~ That's where its at!

We have always been a little "into" turtles!

Thanks in part to hubs and his younger days of 
"Turtle hunting" 

Our summers always revolve around talk of the
  next excursion,
how many you think you can snatch "bare handed"
will THIS be the year to catch Myrtle the Turtle?

Past years catch...

practicing for the turtle races or maybe during the actual race 
~since he is wearing his authentic button~

 Then I came across this comic....and it matched my mornings thoughts exactly!!

The morning was perfect.
I wanted to get out and walk/jog.
I did for 4 miles in 49 minutes!!!

YES...I think a turtle passed me by...but SO WHAT!

As I walked I thought~
 Why do we want to keep going faster?
Why don't we take time to watch the water at the creek?
To listen to the birds chirp?
 (Instead of wearing the iPod...which I did not wear this morning!)
To enjoy the cement that has been covered with ice and snow FOREVER!
To look at the bare trees with the buds just peeking out....

Everything around us is so much better than the TV, computer, iPod, phone etc...
we need to get out more and move SLOWER? to enjoy the surroundings that
we have waited a long 6 months for to enjoy!

Move slower?
What a concept?!!

See you can even win prizes when hanging with turtles!


Who wouldn't want to hang with these two more often?

I know I do.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Exactly what I needed to hear - since we know how slowly I'm moving these days. I will just embrace it like a turtle!!
Side note - when I was about 6 we had 2 snapping turtles in our window well. One of them bite me one day and that was the end of the turtles. My dad took both of them and chunked them into the woods behind our house (a little bit of animal cruelty!!).

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