Thursday, May 9, 2013

Turtles don't know everything I guess......


After feeling all fine with my turtleish walk/jog yesterday.  (Because I hadn't even jogged to the bathroom in the past 2 months...due to hip flare up) I swallowed my post big time!

Once again....I have been proven wrong....even a turtle like jog/walk can jolt pain in areas that one does not want to feel pain e.v.e.r. again!  UGH!  So, by 4 PM yesterday I was downing Ibuprofen, icing my right hip area and left knee, and resting while reading over my Sunday school lesson.  

Feeling a bit like this!

However, this morning I woke up feeling all 44 again!

Oh yes, I was and am thrilled about that.

So, was it the icing, the Ibu, or my Sunday school lesson (and yes, a little prayer for my healing may have been said during that time) or all THREE?  Who knows?  I am glad that right this very moment....I feel good! Whew!! (Now say it like James Brown would, "I FEEL GOOD!")

What will tomorrow bring?



Ginger Foxxx said...

Oh no! No pain! Go away pain! Feel better :)

hiker mom said...

Glad you are feeling better:)

Kim said...

I'm glad you feel better today - hopefully it was a one-time thing. Don't overdo!!! (I know that means a lot/or nothing coming from me!).
I really hope your hip is good and doesn't give you more problems!!

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