Friday, May 31, 2013

Tomorrow is June 1st?? How is today going??

Today I will try not to complain
(about any thing)
I need to see the good I already have around me
make the other....

Hard to believe I started this post at 5:20AM or something this morning, prior to heading out the door to cycle class where I would be meeting my friend who just shared with me the night before that her dying grandma; had died.  

I haven't exercised in a week.  I have been feeling horrible about myself and certain habits that have taken on a life of their own this lately.  I know I talk about the roller coaster of my eating a lot....OK A LOT! (So some people talk exercise a lot....can't I ramble about food? And bad food at that?) 

I needed to exercise.  She needed a friend to vent to a little bit at least ~ you can only chat so much during class before you start getting some stares and glares from others.  Sheesh! Guess cycle class really is for exercise and not to catch up.....hmmmm, maybe we need to do coffee after class on that note?


I had started this post then realized I needed to get to class.  Just two blocks away from my house I noticed some body or bodies were very busy in our neighborhood last night.  My neighbor was the recipient of art the form of toilet paper hanging from trees...and a dumped recycling container all over his front lawn.  Seriously? Kids.....I can laugh with you as you are tossing the toilet paper rolls but whose bright idea was it to tip the recyclables? (Just because he-my neighbor-happens to be the DEAN of a nearby middle school doesn't mean he wanted an end of the year clean up party at his house)

I waved and he gave me the "thumb's down" on the mess.  ;-(

Off to the forward 45 minutes......cycle class done!  My friend and I talked and didn't really get any stares? Success.  We both felt better after but for different reasons I am thinking.  

When I returned home daughter #2 had already left for school but LEFT ME A NOTE saying, "Mom, you said you would be home today to do my hair! Thanks A lot! You LIED!" OUCH!


Roller coaster of food?  Lets talk roller coaster of emotions! All within the first couple of hours of my day.....but, back to my original thought for the day....NO Complaining! Bam! Life is good....I just have to remember that! And remember when I tell my daughter I will be home to help her straighten her hair that I AM!

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Kim said...

Yikes - after the first couple of hours I would have been tempted to go to bed and try to restart!!
Have a great weekend!!

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