Monday, May 20, 2013

This is what I run for now......

Beer Run - 612 Brew - Part of the 2013 MN Brewery Running Series

Outside the 612 Brew Brewery & Taproom

Saturday, June 22, 2013 @ 11:00 AM

**UPDATE** Just found out we will be working on 6-22 so THIS run is out but we have decided to participate in our OWN 3.2 Happy Hour BREW!  Sounds fun doesn't it? ;-)

Last year my friend and I participated in our first 5k Beer Run and had a BLAST!!!
it was not timed
none of the road were closed
there were no water stations set up
no cow bells......
there were some beer and run loving volunteers who held signs and pointed us in the right direction
there were a few orange cones directing us with arrows
(mmmm....thinking the volunteers opted to head back to the brewery rather than worry about our safety.......ha!) 

It was hilarious and wonderful!!

This year we are going to try a new one!

(Actually its the ONLY one that worked with BOTH of our busy summer schedules!)

I do not run to be timed...I know I am slow.

I do not run for the medal...I have enough jewelry.

I don't need another shirt.

I run for fun and the beer is a bonus....
I think we get a *612 Brew* collectors glass too...

Ever done a beer run?!

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Kim said...

I want to participate in your beer run!! Sounds like the perfect way to run!

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