Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's all about Nicole today.....

Finally...the weather cooperated and we were able to watch Nicole in her first track meet!

Although don't be fooled by the hint of was freezing!  The few parents that were watching were in winter coats and blankets!  Brrrr! 

Then mid way through the meet it started raining...
Where oh where is our SPRING this year?

 Coley in black sweatshirt watching the first heat get ready.

 Her turn....

 Making sure they are "just" right.

 And they are......

Then, we switched to Kenzie taking the video and I just watched her run.

 All done and heading back to put on her sweatshirt!

 After back home before she changed.

Yea, I took a few pictures what can I say?!

Then, a few days later she and hubs went to HER "early" birthday present TWINS game against some Texas team who has OUR OLD PITCHER ...Joe Nathan.....Whom Nicole happens to LOVE more than her dad and me!  HA! HA!

She did mention before they left that no matter what its a WIN for her tonight....

When I asked why she replied, "If the TWINS win she will be glad but, if Nathan comes in to close for Texas and then he gets the win that would be thrilling too!"

Sidenote:  Today's forecast? 4-6 inches of wintry mix...SNOWY slush and rain!! UNBELIEVABLE!

It is May 1st today right?  Not March 1st?  Tomorrow is May 2nd....and my dad's 71st birthday...I wonder if it has ever snowed on his birthday before?  

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