Thursday, May 23, 2013

HAPPY "OH so Sweet" Birthday!!

 Only fitting to have 16 today!

with siblings!
 Photos with animals!

 Hop right to it....its time to celebrate!

Swimming in pools....

Modeling by the lake....

 cleaning out horse stalls.

 With a toothy grin that's COOL!

Loving hugs with brother Owen or being a lollipop?

You have changed, you have grown, you are sweet and spicy, we know you love your baseball (TWINS and Joe Nathan) you enjoy school sports (both from a fan perspective and and a participant!) and of course we KNOW you HAVE an incredible LOVE for ANIMALS! 

Only sometimes...ha!

 Golfing is fun...
petting cows is too..

You are our COLEY

We hope you have a great 16th birthday today!

1 comment:

Kim said...

I hope her sweet 16 is awesome!!
Love the pictures (especially the boots with her dress!!!).

We have a lot of fun things happening around here......

 Hard to believe this picture was taken last August as we were preparing for her final senior year at North she is just 16 day...