Monday, May 6, 2013

Fast and exhausting 24 hours

We woke up at 4:45 AM
(well, actually I woke up at that time and then the kids got up 20 minutes later)

We left the cities at 5:25 
got to Detroit Lakes at 9:00AM sharp!

The roads ....aka traffic...was nothing major 
the kids snoozed for about an hour or so
and the sun shined all day long!

We had lunch at Long Bridge...
My uncle's restaurant

The menu ..
a little crooked like myself

The cabin....
still a little snow around the driveway.

My sister ~ Julie with the kids.
She works at the local garden center...
just what we needed to get us excited for was simply
BEAUTIFUL inside there.

Thanks for the tour Jules!

We met a celebrity at Walmart!

And a cousin with his cat taking a nap in the empty flower pot.

Too cute!

The surprise visit was priceless....
exhausting on me 
with the driving and go, go, going!!

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Kim said...

Sounds fun - I hope you have a day or two to recover from the fun trip!!

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