Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Couple of Days of DUMPS!


 Last Friday was the Big Day for the Mighty Mile run at Makenzie's middle school.  She has been suffering with shin splints lately (we are hoping its just over use and growing so fast but just not sure why she has them so often!) Anyway, she was a bit nervous for the run........
 Owen and I waiting in the van for it all to start
and specifically for the
7th grade girls to start.
That was fast and its over!
Above is Makenzie and Owen ...proud brotherly support!
Guess what?!?

Makenzie WON and took home the GOLD!
It wasn't her best mile time but it was enough...6:11 got her the 
TOP SPOT during the assembly/awards after!

 And what did I get????? For Mother's Day that is.....A new iphone and these beautiful flowers!
Must admit as much as I enjoy my phone and as lovely as the flowers are.....
the homemade cards below
have to be the 
 Thanks again family!

Now more recently...Owen's school had a water main burst.
Water every where ~ mess and junk =
3 days of surprise 
 Today hit 90 degrees....amazing!  Only in MN could the weather be so crazy.  Here is what they neighbor boys came up with for today's activity..... none other than the typical lemonade stand.  ;-)  As it got hotter through out the day one mom brought a canopy for them to sit under and be some what shaded.  Too bad the wind also picked up and things started blowing out of control....time to call it a day with about $25 profit.....not bad for a day's work especially when most of the product was consumed by the sellers.  HA!

And this is what a pooped pup looks like after
a day filled with watching 4 boys and lemonade traffic.


Kim said...

Awesome job for your daughter!! 6:11 is incredible!!

hiker mom said...

Congrats Kenzie!! So happy you are getting some nice warm weather;)

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