Friday, May 24, 2013

1/2 of 16 is the age we like to act sometimes....

Birthday Girl photo dump!

 Some mom's take pictures of their kids holding papers that state:
"National Honor Society"
"I just passed my drivers test"
"I just got accepted into Harvard!!"

I am not that kind of mom......
1. The ~
"My girl is holding the menu to HER restaurant of choice on HER Birthday...


 2.   The  ~
"Get together and act like sisters" photo

 3.  The ~ 
"OK....I will fake like I am having fun and pretend I
 REALLY like taking pictures with my sister photo!"

 4.  The ~
"Hurry up MOM this is killing me photo"

5.  The ~
"OK....Dad take our picture and we will be perfect photo!" 

 6.  The ~
"We are watching Owen play baseball now and its kind of boring
 so lets take a photo while squinting and licking our lips"
....Right hubby? ha!

 7. The ~
"I just got Cherry Berry and I am LOVING it!!"

8.  The ~
"Finally, it's 9PM and I am opening my presents but, kind of stuffed and tired photo"

She actually received her gifts from us about a month ago so she enjoyed opening up some sibling gifts and a few from grandpa and grandma at the end of her big day!

Turning 16 was a Sweet Success!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Those are some of the best kind of photos - natural!!!
Glad she had a good day!

Santa?....Those eyes?....and this is probably how she got lice.

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