Friday, April 19, 2013

Warning...@ 5 inches of SNOW on April 18th makes me crabby!! (And yes, I may be PMS'ing too)


Free Rant Friday??

UGH....I feel like crying!!

Pretty sure my hubby thought this last night and this morning!

 And yes, he may have thought this too...

Man, it's hard going to bed feeling all crabby, mad, twisted up inside and sad but its even worse waking up like that.  And my first thoughts when I heard our pup whining at 4:20AM was......
(and stop the whining!)

So, when Owen was again on his Ipod playing games already at 6:00AM this morning
I may have reacted in this sort of way....

I work tonight and I pretty much have a feeling the family will be MORE than thrilled to be rid
of me for the evening.  No complaining ~ no crabby mommy powers ~ just dad and TV 
what more could they ask for?!

Feeling crabby?  
Feeling FINE?
Hope your day is going better than mine!


hiker mom said...

Hope your day gets better. Snow+PMS makes a bad combo:0

Kim said...

I would be really crabby, too if we had snow right now. Just the rain and cold this week were making me crabby.

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