Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Unleavened bread and BAD MOM egg photos

If you Google "Unleavened Bread" you get a lot of different recipes.  I picked one that looked easy and got 4 Stars...Isn't that how everyone picks out recipes after all? ;-)

Briefly the recipe was: 
Mix 4 eggs and 2 Tbls. butter
Add 3 C. whole wheat flour and 1 tsp. salt
Finally, add 1 & 1/2 cups goat's milk.  (Have you priced goat's milk lately?  Um...too expensive for this experiment baker...I used coconut milk once...it worked fine and another time I used Soy Coconut flavored milk...that worked well too)

Mix all together~spray pan~ pour on pan and bake at 450 for 15-20 minutes.

this is what it looked like when I poured it on the pan.

 side view of pan...pretty flat as you can see.

 And b/c I have to alter everything a little, I sprinkled some chocolate chips over some of it and drizzled honey over another part...then left half plain. ;-)  
Time to bake.

 And the finished product...top is the side view...still flat
below is the view looking down.
Every one enjoyed it!! 
 I think the honey section got the most thumbs up if curious.

 Kenzie dying Easter eggs...or rather trying to peel one and eat it...good luck with that girlie!

Owen being Owen and I joked he was giving us his Easter Bunny teeth smile.  ;-)
(unfortunately he wasn't laughing.....)

But....where is Nicole? Hubby?
BAD MOM MOMENT...guess I got caught up in dishes? drinking my wine? or simply dying my own eggs?  So sorry that I totally fanned this year with the pictures but don't forget other years dear...

It's all Good ...right?

SPRING BREAK is here!!! Time to visit Grandma and Grandpa/ cousins/ and enjoy the sun and 40 degree weather up north...hahaha! (more like Winter break eh?) Sorry hubby that you have to stay back and work~hold down the house~and watch those animals but I actually think you kind of like having some time to your self too.....enjoy it while it lasts...we will be back before you know it!!

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MIZ said...

have an amazing break.
my poor husband had to work through our daughters too.

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