Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break up North....

April 3, 2013
This is what it looks like in Detroit Lakes, MN

Lots of snow all around....

That yellow cabin behind the drift is not accessible by wheels but if we wanted to walk around some drifts ......
 we would finally find some grass and low spots that were untouched.

(We opted for taking pictures from the road b/c we didn't pack our boots)

Then we played "tourists" and took some pictures around town....
Can you guess what restaurant this one was taken by?

A certain boy is celebrating his 10th birthday in a couple of weeks.
Since grandma and grandpa won't see him on his actual day they gave him a little early celebration complete with fun plates, an ice cream cake, and a home made sign.

Thank You...he LOVED it!!

they built a lego tower that touched the ceiling and were very proud!

The kids enjoying some tacos with their cousins.

And finally,
a picture of my niece Marit and Me! We only saw her for a short hour b/c she was so busy with school and dance but I enjoyed it so much.  She is a beauty and a wonderful young lady...turning 9 next week!!!  Happy Early Birthday girlie!!

Good to Go and Good to be Home...
Now laundry and sleep although probably not in that order.

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