Monday, April 8, 2013

Signs of Spring......WORMS!

I couldn't believe it when I stepped out of my car this morning at the Y.  

Even at 5:45 AM I can smell and tippy toe around WORMS!
The rain we received over night just about took care of the remaining snow around here BUT, it also awakened thousands (Hmmm, maybe hundreds) of hibernating worms! 

I will dodge worms any day to not have snow and be able to go out in a sweatshirt and feel comfortable once again.  Ahhh, what a rise in the temperature will do for the soul!

Better enjoy today...the weather men are already chatting about a few snow showers again by mid week...seriously?  Enough already!

Just a few more pictures from up north.

 Tourists photo opt once more.
 Well, its not the Statue of Liberty but its oh so close.  

We had to take a picture by the new City Park sign too.

Ms. Kenly was not so thrilled about seeing us at first.
We were pretty much like strangers to her....
she eventually warmed up to the girls but I don't think she ever really made time for me.

Kenzie (13) and Marit (9) below.....
Just a few years and many inches apart!! 
(By the way Kenzie got 5 inches of hair cut off yesterday....)

And finally,
Da Boys!

Oh and the other surprise when we got back which I forgot to mention before was......

Hubs bought his new car!!
Not brand new as in the year but brand new to him/us.
2006 Acura.

Pictures to come soon.


hiker mom said...

You can smell worms? I hope the snow is over for you guys:)

Julie said...

Cute pics! Lucky you with no snow, it will be May before the snow is gone up north!

Ginger Foxxx said...

i used to gag everytime i saw worms! probably, because they made me think of putting bait on a hook - yuck! I'll take them if it means warm weather though! :)

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