Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Perkins Pancakes...Owen Style!

Owen's new favorite food?

(Even though his pancakes didn't come with the crispy grease stick he was lucky enough to score a piece from BOTH of his sisters on his special day!)

Then, the surprise of the night....

chocolate chip

Our waiter scored big points with this!


It's hard to believe its April 30th already today!  Where oh, where do the days go?  I know spring is always busier around here once baseball starts and track season is finally in full swing (speaking of...Nicole's first track meet photos will be up tomorrow!) but, since I have also been picking up extra shifts here and there I feel like the days are more jam packed than ever!!

And guess what I have tomorrow at 10 AM??????  

A job interview at a senior citizen group home.  All I know so far is where the home is located and that they need full and part time help.  I will learn ALL THE DETAILS at the interview tomorrow and I am hoping it fits my needs/wants perfectly!   **cross your fingers for me......thanks!**  ;-)

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