Sunday, April 28, 2013


Have you ever let a 10- year old plan the day on HIS BIRTHDAY?

I have one word for you........EXHAUSTING! 


I will have to post pictures after church later today.

Right now I am listening to my stomach churn while its still trying to digest the extra piece of DQ ice cream cake I had last night (yes, that means I had 2 pieces!) about an hour after getting home from Perkins where Owen had the coolest waiter who brought him the best pancakes ever!

(pictures later...for sure!)

Right now my fingers hurt while I am typing b/c they are so bloated and fat.  Probably from the extra salt in my body due to the fries I ate at  Perkins that came with my burger.  (But, I didn't only eat a burger ~ OH, No!)

Hubs and I shared our meals a little and then Coley's Buffalo chicken wrap ended up being too hot for her so I finished her wrap and she ate the remainder of my burger.  Talk about trying everything!  

Yea, I am sure that is only adding to the churning going on in the tummy.


Time to try and tame the locks before I wake the flock...we have to get to church by 7:45 b/c Nicole has to help hand out flyers for a fundraiser before the 8AM service.  Then church and Sunday School.....after today only 3 more Sunday School sessions before summer break....where has another year gone?  Happy?  Sad?  Ready for a break?  

Hmm, I guess a little of all of the above.


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