Thursday, April 18, 2013 the next career???

I would LOVE to find the job that would pay me to do this!!
I could set my own hours, work with out showering,  and not have to worry about the traffic or weather before I leave for work.  (For instance, already today we have had a morning of rain/sleet and ice and now it is is April 18th!!! For the love of MN!)

Um, I think not!
For a girl that often looks like this the Beauty Career is definitely the LAST resort
kind of career...actually its a NEVER kind of career!

I've GOT IT!!!

I want to be paid VERY WELL to......

I do not consider this job (below) as play.
My parents own a cleaning service and have for ??? maybe 30 years??
Our part time job during high school was to help them clean.  ;-)

I am skilled in mops, rags, toilet cleaner and vacuums but I really don't
want to go back there again.
No offense to my parents....they will be the first to tell you I was the worse employee out of my other 3 sisters who also helped them out as needed (and one still does!)

I guess this may apply?

I have done most of these and it is the areas I am looking at now....
kind of depressing.....

Not going there.
Not trying to be little any one who works at these places I just know 
IF I DID....
I would be LARGE MARGE!

I would eat and eat and eat.....therefore, I must repeat....
Not even going there.

So....any one know of any one hiring south of the Twin Cities?
Please leave a comment and I will research. 

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hiker mom said...

I hope you find something you love!

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