Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy 10th Birthday Owen....just some of the reasons why I/we LOVE you so!

 Always ready to help dad finish his drink....
 Cutest pajama pilgrim EVER!
 Ya never know what those girls will surprise you with!
We won't mess with your snake or "beary" home made pancakes.
 Flashback cuteness with dad in Kindergarten...reindeer treats look good!
 The days of playing with Thomas the Train were amazing!

 PEACE to you to DUDE!
 Ice cream in a bowl and a cone in your hand .... What can be better?
 Swimming with your cousin Marit?
 New haircut and being silly with Makenzie?!
 Preschool birthday celebration!
 Hmmm? The magic 8 hole? 
 Go ahead and TOOT your HORN...
 And you are allowed to "get your sister Nicole" if she is naughty to you on YOUR day!
4 years ago you were here.........celebrating at Pump it Up with friends.....

Now you are 10 ~

we love you now and we loved you then!!

You are the best boy any mom or dad could ever ask for we hope you enjoy your day today...
I can't wait for the afternoon of fun at the MOA! 
(and the DQ ice cream cake later! Mmmmmm)


Kim said...

What a sweet post to your son!!
Happy 10th birthday to Owen!!!

Ginger Foxxx said...

Awwww, Happy Belated Birthday to him - looks like the day was a BLAST!

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