Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Five!

5.  Pay Day!  Isn't every Friday better when its starts with a little something extra?

4.  Owen is beginning his "Birthday Weekend" around here.  Tonight he will have 2 friends walk home with him to spend the night.  Then later we will order pizza ~ they will play ~ and we all will be going to Cherry Berry (FroYo) for the special birthday treat!  Tomorrow is AM baseball stuff and a family outing to the Mall Of America where we will ride some rides, do some birthday shopping and let Owen pick HIS place for supper ... I hear the talk of Perkins already.  ;-)

3.  Hubs and Nicole are heading to the Hamline "Elite" Meet after Cherry Berry.  (What a packed night...why does every thing always seem to happen on the same nights?)  Hamline University is the college that hubbies brother Dave went to and is in the Athletic Hall of Fame in large part b/c of his records and accomplishments during his Cross Country running trek while there.
 The track and field at Hamline University
 Kenzie and the guys running a memorial lap after Uncle Dave's service
Tom (Dave's brother), Geoff (Dave's cousin), Hubby and Owen
Uncle Dave died November 2011 and a short 3 week bout with tonight's Elite Meet they are honoring Dave during the 3200 race and giving a special T-shirt to the winner of the race.

2.  I have been working more at theY.  Hubs got a new car (shoot...I keep forgetting pictures!) and not that we can't afford it but, I just feel better knowing I am working more and my check may be a little bigger to help out with the extra expenses now.   I also am a girl that needs her sleep and lately I have been feeling a little more tired and cranky....Sheesh how do you people work full time?  Since I am heading in that direction I guess I will find out at some point in the future....when ever its suppose to be.?!

1.  Could the Ringing/Humming in my ears please stop!!! I get this a lot and figured it was related to my touch of vertigo I live with almost daily or clogged ear wax?  Who knows?  (K...I don't really have any clogged ears ~ and I have perfect hearing ~been checked!) Yesterday, I decided to Google "Humming in Ears" once again......this time I found an article that said it could be caused by wrong sleep positions and possibly the removal of wisdom teeth!!!! I JUST had a tooth removed on the left side.....the side with the ear that hums!!! 

I have read and reread that article.  I need to NOT sleep on my left side.  I need to start being a back sleeper.  I need to be aware of a lot of weird stuff but in a couple of weeks the humming should stop....YEA!!!

****It's Friday.....It's suppose to be 66 degrees today and 70 over the weekend......Life is Good!*****


Kim said...

Wow - y'all have a lot going on this weekend for sure. Happy birthday to your son!!
Glad that you are going to have nice weather for everything!!

hiker mom said...

Wow 70 degrees! So happy for you;) I hope the ringing in your ears stops. I seriously don't know how people work full time. I can barely keep it together and I stay at home:0 I guess we figure it out as we go along.

We have a lot of fun things happening around here......

 Hard to believe this picture was taken last August as we were preparing for her final senior year at North she is just 16 day...