Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1st....New Beginnings..A Fresh Start...Spring Break!

April 1st!


"Enjoy life's tiny delights. There are plenty for all of us."

Whew!  What a weekend!  We are all ready for New Beginnings....FLU FREE for sure!  I got hit with the crud Saturday morning and was out of commish until Sunday around 9AM.  Thank good ness as swiftly as it came it also left.  (Although those 24 hours seem like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. while in the midst of it but eh, looking back now it went rather quickly)

A Fresh Start.

Why is it after a day or even a couple of hours of eating candy I feel like I want to cry?  Processed food that I KNOW is not good for me (but tastes good going down at first) like doughnuts, cake, jelly beans, and mini candy bars wreck havoc on my inners.  Well, first problem.....I just don't stop at one. I have been known to over indulge on sweets.  Second, I get horrible heart burn when I over load any thing in my system.  Hmmm?  Shouldn't that give me a sign that I am doing something wrong to my body?  And third,  I never learn from my mistakes. 
 The lightbulb didn't turn on it actually broke!

I turned 44 months more more falling more feeling this way...time to start fresh....time for that new beginning I can take control of! Time to feel good like I was feeling this fall when I ate better (No, when I ate wonderfully!) I am going home tomorrow with the kids for some Spring Break get will be the perfect time to test my will power since Grandma's house is never short of sweets and treats.  I am ready to tackle it and over load on only fruits and vegetables.

I don't like feeling gross because of the food I ate! 
So not worth it.
I want to feel GOOD knowing its b/c of the food I ate and the control I have over eating. period.

Some time spent with cousins and grandparents.
Time to see great grandma Muggy who recently turned 95!
Time to take some walks and reflect on this new start I am beginning...I can only control myself in this world so I better start with me and take some control!  Once I do that I believe more things will fall into place better and all will be better for it.
Good things ahead....spring is so close...
I think its going to be an especially good one too!

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