Wednesday, March 6, 2013

That dreaded appointment...and more! *update*

Oh no, not THAT one ladies.....

the other one....

The Mammogram!!

Have you had one yet?  Have you make a pancake?  A hamburger? And/or ever flattened something out with a spatula to squeeeeeze all the juice out of it?  Well, its kind of like having a mammogram isn't it???  And if you have never had one lucky you but, you should b/c its a good thing to check on...right?

However, I do wonder how squeezing something that flat can be good for it?  I wonder if years from now they will do research and discover that flattening out the boob can actually cause cancer cells to form?  Hmmmm.....

FYI...I had one 5 years ago.  I am having one today.  And if this one too comes back clear I may not have one for at least 10 years....just don't like them I do.  (Channeling my inner Yoda on that one....or Dr. Seuss who knows?????ha!)***** had the Mammogram and PIECE OF CAKE!*****The tech. that did it today was so nice and she totally said there is no reason to flatten it so much, some do that and that is how the testing gets a bad rap....ask for it to be done "nicely" and it was "tolerable".  I may just go back next year and every year after from now on.  ;-)

SNOW DAY around here yesterday day.  Kids enjoyed the day off watching TV and helping shovel (some).   10 inches of snow makes for a great back workout!!! The 8 inches of packed ice the plow left at the end of the drive way makes for a slow sore back workout!! 

Got the taxes turned in and heard back they were done!! Glad to have that over with for another year!

Last night Kenzie and I went to a First Communion class at church.  Our church lets the family/child decide when they would like to receive their first communion based on when they feel ready and knowledgable.  They can decide any time during their confirmation years or grades 5th-8th.....if they don't do it before they get confirmed then that year of confirmation would also be the year of the first communion.  

Kenzie is in 7th grade and has decided this is her year to receive her First Communion.  ;-)  The informative class was nice.  However, at our table was another mom and her daughter who shared a lot of news about their upcoming Mission Trip to Costa Rica this summer.  They have 5 committed to go right now and would LOVE MORE.  ** As in would Kenzie and I be wanting to come too??!!**

Kenzie immediately said YES!!! "It would be great!  We could teach little kids about God!" (Wow...way to jump Kenzie....) I, of course, asked about the cost, where we would stay, how long would we be gone, political conditions *I just watched ARGO~I had to ask* ;-) And then there is the July temperatures and mosquitoes.  

Time to to others......and talk with hubby.  ;-)

LOTS happening about with you???

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hiker mom said...

I hope your mammo goes well. I haven't had one yet. I think 40 is the age to start right? Can't wait to hear what the final decision is on the mission trip:)

We have a lot of fun things happening around here......

 Hard to believe this picture was taken last August as we were preparing for her final senior year at North she is just 16 day...