Monday, March 4, 2013

Still changing/learning even at 44....

Happy Monday People!!  We made it through another month....and what is more exciting than knowing THIS Saturday we (in the Central Time Zone anyway) SPRING AHEAD!!! By doing so we turn our clocks ahead one hour Saturday night before we go to bed.  Currently its light outside until about 6:10 pm but after Saturday night it will be light out until 7:10 and it will continue to get lighter out until June 21...which I think is the longest day of the year ...but, don't quote me on it.  ;-)


So what is changing??  My perspective on certain things, my patience on other things, and my body daily!!!

1.  I cannot remember the last hockey game I went to where I REALLY watched the game and wanted to KNOW what was going on.  (Sorry hubby even though we recently saw the Gophers play I cannot recall a thing about the game but I know where we ate before hand.  ;-) However, this past weekend my nephew who plays with his Pee Wee A's ~ 6th and 7th graders ~played in a tournament just miles away from us.  This family took in his first game at 8:15am Saturday morning and they WON...we then hung around with my sister, went out to lunch, swam at the hotel pool, and did a little shopping until 4:30 finally rolled around and it was soon time for game #2!  To which the boys skated their hearts out and WON again!

Two hockey games in one day.  Two games I was totally "into".  Two games in which I learned more about the game of hockey then any other I have ever been to.  ;-) Don't worry ....I would still choose basketball over hockey...IT'S WARMER duh!

2.  Animal lover NO MORE!  For as long as I can remember I have LOVED animals.  Specifically dogs... cats on occasion...and just about any thing that I could pet or call a pet with fur.  I am sure I gave my parents every reason as to why a kid should have one when growing up ....I know I have given my hubby every reason as to why we should own one or two or three or four.  (We currently have 2 dogs and 2 cats and Nicole has 2 hamsters that she takes care of on her own)

** Until you truly OWN one you never really KNOW one**

Cats throw up a lot.  Cats shed a lot.  Cats lick themselves a lot....and guess what that hair causes them to throw UP a LOT! 

Dogs are more needy.  Dogs are like children with 4 legs.  They have to be fed, taught manners, they need special spots to sleep and can be picky about their food.  Dogs may get car sick.  Dogs need check ups and immunizations.  Some like to cuddle but others prefer to be left alone.  Dogs cannot be left alone~inside~for more than maybe 8-9 hours unless you want to come home and clean up some lovely deposits it may have left for you.  

AND....which I would never have believed unless I had seen.... (some) Dogs eat their own poop, other dogs poop and any other poop left lying around outside.  It's extremely gross...full of major bacterial issues...and is the #1 reason I am announcing ...I am an ANIMAL LOVER NO MORE! 

Today I was yet amazed again......I still had a little love left for our pup Rudy.....he is small, a lovey lap dog, and simply cute.  Never the less he too did something that shocked me and now has grossed me out.  When I got home from work I put the dogs out as I usually do.  I watched them for a second (first mistake I guess)....Frances peed....Rudy went right behind her...smelled the fresh yellow snow and proceeded to EAT IT!  Dog lemonade any one?  Bleh! Bleh! Bleh!! 

3. My Fat!  I think I have said it enough but here is the last time....I was kind of actually fit this fall...I lost about 8-10 pounds.  Once the holidays hit I gained back 8 pounds in two months and still cannot get back down there.  I was stretching last night in shorts!  I know can you believe it...SHORTS! Gawd I really hate shorts!!! My legs have always had varicose and spidery veins...couple that with some cottage cheese (cellulite dimples..whatever..) they are quite a sight that you may never see b/c I always wear pants or capri's.  But while stretching last night I noticed a new bulge on my thigh....obviously the recent 8 pound gain went a little goofy and bulged out a little funny and boy is it weird looking.

I have heard fat cells only shrink but never really go away.  Thus, when you gain weight again the fat cells enlarge a little differently and may look a little different.  Well, now I have seen and witnessed that fact too! IT'S A FAT FACT JACK! 

What does this mean??? 

1.  I may watch another hockey game...not that bad after all.
2.  I will never own another animal and I would love to get rid of the ones I have now.
3.  I better learn to love my cellulite b/c the way I love my food I don't think its going away any time soon.

Have a great Monday!  Have you learned any thing new lately?  Changed your perspective towards something you use to LOVE and now DON'T?


hiker mom said...

I much prefer watching my kids sports games than pro games. It is so much more fun! Sad about the pets:( I only have 2 dogs left (after having 3 dogs and one cat) and I kind of want another cat, but the litter box prevents me from actually getting one. Plus my husband says he is tired of having to put animals to sleep. Not fun. The pounds will come off don't worry. I am not fond of shorts either;)

Julie said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! It was a great weekend and the boys finished with a great season! See you guys soon.....

Kim said...

I enjoyed hockey when I went to a couple of pro-games with hockey loving friends that explained it.

I have all of those spidery veins plus several of the nasty bulging veins on my legs (actually seeing a specialist next week) - I still wear shorts but I like it better when I'm tan!!

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