Sunday, March 17, 2013

So much FUN!

We love basketball. 

 Or at least I should clarify....I enjoy watching my son (at the 4th grade level) and high school kids (I have come to know over the year) play the game.  The guys who make millions to show off their skill and then hot head or give attitude when they get nudged the wrong way I can do with out. 

Friday night we got LUCKY....just in time for St. Patrick's Day I am sure!

The winter storm stayed away.  

We headed to our destination hotel Friday night.  Checked in no problem.  Scoped out the pool/restaurant and bar...priorities right? Hubs, Owen and Kenzie took a quick 20 minute dip in the pool and then we were able to walk through the sky way to the Civic Center.  How great was that???  

We didn't have to go outside or drive our car again until it was time to go home.  Everything we wanted/needed we could get to through the skyway system.  Loving Rochester and our hotel for that convenience.  We were adjoining to the "well known" prestigious  MAYO CLINIC.  They make it very easy for their guests/patients....kudos to them. (And thoughts and prayers go out to all the individuals who even need to be at the MAYO Clinic...we are thankful every day for our health and well being)

LNHS Boys Vs. Rochester John Marshall High School

Period 1:  close~thought it may be a nail biter
Period 2: Our boys ROCKED and brought home the WIN!

Can't remember the exact score but we ended up winning by about 14 points.  


Boys State Tournament!! 
Congratulations and Good Luck!!

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