Thursday, March 28, 2013

Maundy Thursday, First Communion, and My Babe is Sick!

 Maundy Thursday, The Last Supper, Holy Thursday, 
Covenant Thursday (A new commandment I give to Love One Another)

How ever you think about the day doesn't matter....What matters is that YOU DO THINK about it.

Today is MAUNDY Thursday.

At our church this is also the day we celebrate those kids who are receiving their First Communion.  Tonight Makenzie will take part in the Holy Communion for her first time.

It's very special.  At this age she understands the meaning of the bread and wine...Christ's body and blood shed for US ~ for OUR SINS ~ for us to have ETERNAL LIFE with him.

Tonight's church service will be special for matter what else is happening around us.

Like her brother coming down with a touch of the flu this morning.  Today is a sick day for him.  Tomorrow would have started his Spring Break vacation...he is starting his one day early ~ not the way he would have wanted I am positive but better today than on Easter Sunday or next week when we are visiting cousins up north.  
Rest and get better little dude.  ;-)

Or the meeting that dad/hubs has and HAS to attend TONIGHT (of all night's).  To me First Communion ranks up there with Baptism and Confirmation.  I can't imagine not being present for one of those events...its a bummer the city hubs works for doesn't rearrange meetings on nights like tonight.
May your head be at work while your heart is at church with Kenz.  ;-)

And finally, the meal......I am not making lamb but I AM making unleavened bread...hopefully I will remember to take some pictures too.   Hmmm....pretty sure Mac N Cheese was NOT part of the Last Supper but tonight it will be at our house and some sweet potato fries too.  ;-)

Until tomorrow......

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