Monday, March 11, 2013

Losing part of a filling....***UPDATE***

A couple of days ago I bit into something....I don't remember what it was but I felt my tooth crack.  I half expected it to fall out but nothing ever did.  However when I accidentally bit on that tooth again with something like a nut or carrot I noticed it.  I began to wonder what was I going to do.....

Then, just Sunday morning I was eating my breakfast salad.  I make these weird concoctions that only I would eat; according to my children anyway.  ;-)  Sunday's salad consisted of baked Kale, salsa, two poached eggs, sun dried spicy tomatoes, a little sour cream and BACON BITS.  Oh the dreaded bits did a bit of a number to my already "cracked" tooth.

I felt something move......then I knew something was stuck or wedged between my teeth.  The only way to free it was with the obvious solution....DENTAL FLOSS!!! I flossed and out popped a piece of something that looked like a tiny rock.  (I should have taken a picture but I didn't and now I lost it) I am sure it was a piece of filling....the old fashion tin/black looking filling....not the nice white ones they have these days. 

See my lovely cavity/filling ridden mouth? I was trying to see if I could get a photo of the new hole I am feeling in my tooth but I couldn't.  Guess my mouth doesn't open that wide....ha!  I tried!

I am so thankful that I don't have excruciating sharp pain in the area where the filling fell out.  I was so nervous the first time I brushed my teeth, drank coffee, ate yogurt....I thought I may go through the roof with shock but nope ~nothing~whew!! There is a dull ache just telling me something is wrong but a little ibuprofen can take away any dull ache right?

And on that note .... Guess where I will be at 9:50 tomorrow morning??? If you said at the dentist you were correct.  Probably getting an X-ray and deciding whether to refill the gap or pull the whole is the wisdom tooth I think but I will know for sure tomorrow.


*****Just got back from my appt.  (As you see above the appt. was for 9:50 and its now 12:30) My dentist decided I should have it pulled b/c it seems to have cracked.  Lucky for me the "other office to pull it was right next door" AND better yet a doctor had an opening to do it asap!! 24 hours of no exercise, no straws, and no hard stuff......I can handle that......its the wait for the Novicain swelling to go down and the bleeding to stop that's annoying.  ;-)  ********


hiker mom said...

You still have your wisdom teeth?! I thought everyone got those pulled as a teenager. Hope everything gets fixed easily:) I was supposed to get a tooth re-filled a month ago but "accidentally" missed my appointment. I probably should get it done;)

Ginger Foxxx said...

I still have my wisdom teeth! ugh. I chipped a tooth once eating a jimmy johns sub (of all things???) worst experience ever. In the end, we decided to just leave the tooth all chipped. hope its not too painful!

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