Sunday, March 24, 2013

Guess what's happening through photos...

The sun has been shining and even though its only hit 34 degrees it feels wonderful...even hot if you are driving in your car...the sun is definitely warmer at the end of March than the beginning!

Last night...12:21PM to be exact.  I felt a push on my side.  (That's never good ~ especially during a deep sleep) I jumped. Owen jumped.  Then he declared; "I need a drink of water or I am going to puke!" Hmmm?  THEN GET A DRINK OF WATER!! He must have still been asleep and not thinking straight.  He got a drink and went back to bed.....haven't seen him since.  Whew!

Well, although we can't see any grass around here and especially no flower buds it is PALM SUNDAY today and with that its the start of HOLY WEEK!  Wave your palms, throw down your cloak, for Jesus is riding the donkey into town.  In a few hours we are heading to church so Owen can join other children and wave the palms as they sing Hosanna loud and proud to rejoice in HIS name.  

This year HOLY WEEK is a little more special for us b/c Makenzie will be receiving her FIRST Communion on Thursday ~ during the Maundy Thursday service.  Our church lets the child decide when they "feel ready" during their confirmation years of 5th thru 8th grade to receive communion.  We then go to a class and they receive their communion on the night Jesus had his "Last Supper" or "Passover Meal" with his disciples.  I love that!  What a special way of remembering your FIRST excited for Kenzie and even more I think she is really excited too.  I like that they (the child) picks when ready to receive.....when they really know the importance of the Holy Communion...not just the act of receiving bread and wine.  Love our church for that too!!

This cutie is 2 today!
Happy Birthday!


hiker mom said...

Hooray for sunshine! It's sunny here too and is supposed to be nice all week. We shall see;)

Kim said...

Glad there was no puking involved!!!

well daughter #2 is done!

Yup, she graduated, we had a party, we've gone to parties and now we're enjoying summer vacation!  Of course, it wouldn'...