Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Don't know what is worse on the FIRST day of SPRING.

1.  Our 4yr. old dog who rang the bell to go out about 5 times just now.  However, I was upstairs getting ready, then collecting laundry, and finally starting the wash while I was thinking "I better hurry b/c she must REALLY have to go potty!"  

I get to the door and she walks away!!!! Seriously! She rings it again and this time she stays and goes out.  Did she run to do her business???  NO, she waited by the door for a few seconds and sure enough the morning chef (aka: Rudy ~ 11 month old pup) came bounding to the door to be let out too.

WHAT THEN???  (And yes, I hate to admit this but I watched it all go down.....literally!)

Francis followed Rudy right out to the snow.

Rudy did HIS business....being business #2 that is.

Rudy ran away or got blown away in this freezing wind.

And Francis proceeded to eat the lovely dish Rudy just left for her.  Mmmmmm....morning snacks just can't get any better than that.  Rudy wasn't out more than another minute and wanted back in ~ out of the cold where as Francis continued to smell around a bit in case she missed any crumbs.


I don't know how she (Frances) even dares to do a low growl to Rudy when he gets in her space on the carpet ~ Did she just forget that lovely snack came from HIM??? My life is going to the dogs.

2.  The FIRST Day of SPRING ~ which is TODAY in case you didn't know or you are stuck in a snow pile~ started out with a temperature of 2 degrees!!!!! TWO!!!  HAPPY SPRING TO WHO??? The Polar Bears at the zoo?? The tow truck who has been very busy starting cars and simply pulling others to the closest garage b/c the cars are even sick of running in this weather???

Temperature last year on this very day ~ 79 balmy degrees!!!

And remind me again why I live here?  (Oh, yea hubs job, which he reminds me as soon as I get a good job in a warm state we can move.....maybe its actually time to start looking?)

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hiker mom said...

I can't believe you still have snow! Praying it melts and the sun comes out soon:)

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