Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 hours of work today....and....exhausted!


Any of you who work full time, keep the beds made, kitchen clean, clothes picked up, dinner attempted and a smile on your face while doing it all???  You know I work part time.  Really part time....part time days ~ 3 days a week and part time hours ~ 3-4 hours a day.  It's really the ideal job (I can still keep the rest of my life in order, run errands, and get an hour of "down time" at the computer or knitting before the kids come home and the evening ordeal starts up) It's NOT THE IDEAL PAYING JOB THOUGH!!!!  And yes, that needs to change ....sooner than later!

So, when a very nice co-worker asked me to fill in for her this morning I said sure.  I worked from 5 AM to 9:30 AM at the desk and then from 10-1 in our KidStuff at the Y.  THIS meant my alarm was set for 4:05 AM to wake up...dress, have some coffee, let the dogs out and drive to work.  However, my inner clock woke up at 3:38 AM ~ obviously, worried I might over sleep or something dreaded like that ~ and it didn't let me fall back to sleep!!

I have been up since 3:38 AM .... I am exhausted and a little sad (although I know I shouldn't be)...

1.  Why is it that I was surprised to find the curtains in our bedroom weren't open?
2.  The bed hadn't been touched.
3.  The front door was open about 2 inches and the sliding glass door was unlocked.
4.  The cats had puked on the stairs...lovely...could have happened at any time I know it just added to the "stuff" I found.
5.  The shades weren't opened in the bathroom and curtains not pulled back in the kids bathroom.

YES...the dishes were done!!  More than I can say about myself some mornings....thanks to hubs for that!!!

6.  Kenzie had clothing sitting around the kitchen.
7.  Owen had clothing laying out in the living room.


Who does this stuff in your house?
Are you the one always opening curtains/drapes to let the sun shine in?
Do you have to check the doors to make sure every one shut them properly before you leave the house?
What do you do when your children leave clothes lying around the house...ALL.THE.TIME!  (I may start picking up what I find and putting it in garbage bags....then, on holidays or birthdays I will have a gift ready and I am pretty sure it will fit perfectly!)

Maybe I am just tired and need a nap?  Maybe I was assuming the above items are "natural" things people do in the morning while they are getting ready for the day?

What do you think?

I think my pastor said it best over the weekend in his sermon...."We must LOVE one ANOTHER".....So I am remembering that and doing just that....leaving everything here on the blog and feeling better already....the nap is closer now.  Ah!


Runner Maybe said...

working fulltime is tough - but you find a routine. :) At the end of the day you adjust and just make it happen.

hiker mom said...

Glad you are feeling better and I hope you get some good sleep tonight:) Yes, I do everything and I would like that to change. There is no reason people can't start helping out. I would freak if the doors were unlocked or a crack. I always check and recheck every lock in the house. Pretty much my one and only anal thing;) My husband travels a lot and the last thing I need is for some weirdo to come by and find the door unlocked! I don't know how full-timers do it either, very impressed:)

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