Thursday, February 28, 2013

So was a short love anyway.

February that is.....

Surprise:  I kind of enjoyed it this year.

So what made it different this time around????

My Birthday.  (Ice cream cake) It came ~ we celebrated ~ it went bye bye.  But not without a day of presents, lunch out and pumpkin pancakes for supper..YUM!

Valentine's Day (daily treats for the kiddos from Feb. 1st thru the 14th) and then the BIG DAY and receiving a dozen gorgeous roses from hubby....who knew I would be spoiled!

MOVIES! I know we didn't see ALL the movies in February but we did watch a handful and that's a handful more then we have watched any other month and especially any other February I could EVERY IMAGINE.  *Zero Dark Thirty*Lincoln*Silver Lining Playbook*Argo*Les Miserables ....all such good movies in their own way....I would recommend all of them to you to view!

VISITS!!!  From relatives in Colorado...

and a dinner out with 3 other couples to the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe....complete with Belly Dancers....yummy food (beer)...nice conversation and overall FUN!

Mix in a few high school basketball games and I now see why the month flew by.

Oh well, so thrilled March is sometimes feels like a longer month but the length is worth the outcome.  That being SPRING!! Bring on the sun and warmer temperatures!! YES!

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hiker mom said...

Bring on the sun! Glad you had a good February:)

How have you been spending your time???

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