Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sisters, cousins, & Grandma Birthdays....OH, MY!

I use to think February was only great because of the less number of days in the month.

(Not that I am into wishing days/weeks or months to be over but when February is over March is here! And when March is here the days get longer, the sun gets stronger, the snow starts to melt and SPRING is right around the corner.... that it is a very good thing!)

However, I now realize there are a lot of other reasons to enjoy February before its over....

1.  Happy Birthday to cousin Caleb....who will be celebrating his special day tomorrow!!

 2.  It's my Great Grandma's 95th birthday on Saturday!!! This photo was taken a couple of years ago I think....She still looks just as good and we are looking forward to a little celebration in her honor as long as the weather holds for the 4 hour drive north.  ;-)  * At this point its not looking so good but, there is always another weekend to celebrate with her I am sure. *

3.  Sorry no pictures but....TODAY is my littlest sisters birthday.  We are 7 years apart so I guess that makes her 37 today.  Oh, such a young thing!

4.  My very first friend ever has her 44th birthday next Monday! (Hopefully she will still be my friend after posting this not so great photo of either of us but, if you can't laugh at yourself than you have a problem!  ha!)
(some fun facts:  We both were born in Feb., Both are named Kathy although hers is spelled with a "C", we both have 3 sisters and no brothers, our mom's kind of look alike, we spent just about every weekend together betweeen 6th, 7th and 8th grade and we both ended up living around the Twin Cities...crazy!)

5.  And it's MY birthday month.  I must admit I never really thought much about my birthday in the past 20 years but for some reason THIS YEAR it was wonderful!  Maybe 44 is going to be a good year?  2013? I don't know....but I will take what ever comes my way!!


Kim said...

I love the new background on your site!
What a fun month of birthdays for y'all!

Ginger Foxxx said...

Your great grandma looks so young-there is no way she is turning 95!! Good genes :)

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