Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Mayhem Madness!

This post should be called "Free RANT Friday" but it's MONDAY so I had to think of other "M" words and well, frankly Mayhem Madness were the first ones that jumped in my mind and its kind of what I am feeling........

1.  In two weeks I am suppose to be running the "Irish for a Day 10 mile Run".  Hubs is running it too but he is more prepared than I am.  I signed up for this back in October....pre Halloween.  When I was feeling fit, had just lost about 8 pounds, was coming off a great August, September  and part of October  work out and exercise bliss!  Yes, BLISS I tell ya!! I felt great and when one feels great they spend $40 and sign up for 10 mile races that are months out.  WHY? WHY? WHY?

Now, post Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Martin Luther King Day, My BIRTHDAY, Valentine's Day and President's Day.....I have gained back the 8 pounds.  *shocked I am sure* I have exercised less.  And yes, January was all in all depressing so the thought of a 10 mile run seems more like a marathon right now.  (Not that I would really know b/c I have never run a marathon..ha!) So I ran/walked 6.5 miles yesterday.  Today my hamstring is tighter than my pants purchased back when I was 8 pounds lighter. (yes, 8 pounds makes a difference in pant size!) I am icing my hammy.....I am freezing. ;-(

2.  I am so sick of seeing our 4 yr. old mutt act like a vacuum with Rudy's poop!!! I swear every time I look outside Rudy is pooping and Frances is waiting ever so patiently right behind his butt for the log to drop.  Frances smells it ~ licks her mouth ~ and proceeds to pick up the fresh turd and carry it away (as if some one else may come and try to take it away, she actually wants the nugget safe for herself) only to digest it within minutes.  UGH!!! Poop burps by dogs are the bomb!!

3.  I swore Rudy would never eat dog poo....only bunny poo....that's different right?  Well, Nicole informed me she has witnessed Rudy tasting dog poop!!! I am totally ignoring her information.  It just can't be right....although, every one says one dog can learn BAD HABITS from other dogs!!!! Today my worst night mare came true.  I saw Rudy eat dog POOP too!!! What the??? Nooooooooooo!!

If I EVER mention the idea of EVER wanting another DOG my hubby better go all caveman on me.  Drag me by the hair, lock me in a room and leave me alone with beer!!!  Never agree to another DOG AGAIN!!!!  I have 2 poop, self cleaning, dogs available to the first good home that wants them.  ;-)

4.  And I shouldn't even admit to this but....sometimes working 10 hours a week is more work than its worth.  One or two full days some where would be better than a few hours 3 to 4 days a week.  I need a new job with more pay, better hours, and that will allow me to have summers off.  Any one hiring??

Feeling better already....time to let the Turd Eating Dogs (TED's) in before the larger one scratches our glass sliding door all to heck.  Or before I crack that beer ....but don't worry I will add an orange to my beer to make it all healthy for me.  ;-)

Happy Monday!


Kim said...

After that - I'm even more happy that we don't have dogs!!
Funny, after not working since June, I'm wishing I could find something (very minimal though!). And, summers off is mandatory!!

Ginger Foxxx said...

Irish 10 miler? That sounds awesome!! I hear you about the job hours - i would rather work 4 10 hour days than 5 8 hour days. It would be way more convenient!

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