Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hormones after 40.....

WARNING....I am pretty sure no men (other than my hubby occasionally) read this blog but if you don't want to hear about womanly hormones then stop reading now....TMI??? You decide.  ;-)

When it comes to the "monthly" I think all women are very similar.  We have our craving days.  We have our leave me alone and don't judge me kind of days.  And I know I have my, I am not responsible or should not be held liable for any thing which I say or do days!  (ask my family they will assure you these days are lovely around our house)

Lately days have been messed up.  Either coming closer together.  Farther apart. Not at all. OR ALL THE TIME.....again, family has been thrilled!  ha!

So speed up to last mouth runneth over and I followed up many of my comments with the usual closing......"I must be getting my monthly SOON!" (yes, I went down that road and used that excuse!) Which the family quickly followed up with .....YEP! They are just so understanding like that.

Then just yesterday.....I came home from work around 12:30.  I proceeded to make a nice salad with ALL the fixings....I used my food processor and mixed up tomatoes, avocados, mushrooms, some humus, cilantro, oregano and bacon bits.  The mix was the BEST ever....I put it in a pita and indulged.  I was satisfied ......but, not really.

About 20 minutes later I enjoyed some Oikos plain Greek Yogurt topped with mini semi-sweet chocolate chips, sliced almonds, and a heaping spoonful of SunButter.

You would think I would be good...right?


About 10 minutes later I had a medium sized bowl of Fiber One cereal in Soy Milk.  (Feeling a little full now but still OK)

Then....about 15 minutes later ....I still indulged in MORE...Seriously??? Am I the only one who eats like this during this time of the month??? I then had a Chocolate Almond Atkins bar that I found in the back of the closet...Mmmmm.  I was satisfied!!!! I was done.  For now.  And probably b/c I had to go pick up Owen from school and then Kenzie from CC practice and start making supper for all soon after.

And if you are even wondering.....Supper was sweet potatoes and pork chops!! And YES, Yes I did have some of each.  It's a miracle I don't weigh 250 pounds some days.  ;-)

THEN on top of all the EATING 8:30 I got the MOTHER OF ALL DIZZY SPELLS!!! My head felt like it had just gone through a blender or the worse ride at a county fair or the spin cycle on the washing machine.  Imagine the horror!! I kind of felt like puking actually soooooo straight to bed for me.....

But.......guess what.......this morning I woke up with MY MONTHLY!!! (TMI??? Yes, sorry you were warned!)  And I am positive yesterdays hormonal odd-ness was all part of the blessing.

Any good hormonal imbalances lately or am I the only fortunate one?


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hiker mom said...

So funny! Glad your family seems to roll with it:) Sounds like you were eating healthy stuff though. I get super hungry around that time too:)

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